LED Video Panels


The evolution of visualization and signage is here! If you're in the market for a VERSATILE, FLEXIBLE and ADAPTIVE system in LED Video Panels, PROTEAN from HANSON PROSYSTEMS is the ONE! Catering to indoor and outdoor applications, the PROTEAN Series will have the product that is just right for YOU! Highlighting on this page and the "New Rising Star" comes our HPS-PROTEAN-P4.8-IP LED VIDEO PANELS! Rated for outdoor applications, fixed installations or event / productions, the HPS-PROTEAN-P4.8-IP LED VIDEO PANELS, besides being rugged, will provide you the versatility to evolve with your creative options, the flexibility to incorporate that WOW factor to the same, while adapting to your customary ways and making those stand out as well! From three dimensional effects to inner or outer curving to rounded and vector shaped displays, from video walls to dance floors, the options are limitless! Let us show you how......


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