Hanson ProSystems, LLC (HPS) is a distributor and manufacturer of entertainment products, specializing in battery powered, wireless DMX LED lighting systems, LED Video Wall Panels and Special Effects products.

Hanson ProSystems is paving the way through our battery powered, wireless DMX LED fixtures and changing the game with our LED Video Wall Panels and Special Effects products.

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We take pride in our products because we know what the industry was lacking and we continue to stand behind our products 100%!

The HPS product lines stand out from the rest because we keep it consistent and simple. We bring you the most ingenious, durable and versatile products and now - we invite you to join us in the future!  It is time to break free from all the barriers of the wired world, the monotonous productions and take it to the next level!!

Many will try to imitate Hanson Pro Systems products and will fail!  We will continue to rise above the rest with our extraordinary and original product lines.  Hanson Pro Systems has the professional LED Lighting, LED Visual Signage and Special Effects solutions for YOU!

The HPS family also provides 24/7 personalized Customer Service and Technical Support because we are truly here for YOU! We honor all our warranties and keep striving for excellence.

After years of researching from behind the scenes, we knew that production companies, DJ companies and mobile entertainers needed help.  We experienced and witnessed the countless hours of labor and the never-ending cycle of running wires and gaff tape.  HPS realized the industry definitely needed an upgrade.  We put our own experiences and knowledge of the industry to use and Hanson Prosystems was born!

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