Hanson ProSystems - HPS, like many other companies with well-known brand names and innovative products, has been targeted by obscure and unscrupulous foreign manufacturers that are attempting to produce illegal aftermarket versions of our products with apparent similar visual and functional characteristics, at bargain pricing, but not of the same quality and performance of our genuine Hanson ProSystems products.



Before you consider these counterfeit products, we ask you to first evaluate the following benefits of buying a genuine Hanson ProSystems product: 

Certifications and Patents

Our products are FCC Certified which means that our products have passed the required performance tests and quality assurance tests or qualification requirements stipulated by the Federal Communications Commission.  We also have an International Patent on the battery powered, wireless DMX attributes of all our LED light fixtures as well as it's unique design.

Patent Publication number - US8581513 B1

Original Design

Based on years of professional experience, we have gathered feedback from customers and colleagues, along with research and on the field trials of various profession applications, to design and create all of ours.

Premium Components

We attain the best consistent functionality, best light quality output, usability and special effects components in the industry.


External and internal design features to ensure durability, performance, quality and handling at a reasonable price.


We have stress tested all our products for continuous performance at demanding levels beyond standard use.  Proven battery and light output consistency at all levels of use.

Quality Inspection

We have carefully created a 5-point inspection of internal and external component assembly, body materials, paint uniformity, bind tightness and a rigorous, step-by-step test of ALL functions on EVERY fixture.

Customer Service and Support

We offer 24/7 customer service by phone and depending on location, we also offer direct on-location service.  You can also send your products for service to our qualified professional technicians that will promptly diagnose and fix any problem with our products and components.


Please refer to our detailed warranty coverages weblink for further warranty information on all our HPS products.

Click here for our warranty information.

Authorized Dealer Network

We have a network of HPS Authorized Dealers across the continental USA and International locations.  These dealers are committed to the HPS brand and may help you sample the products so you can make a better buying decision.


Counterfeit Products

Counterfeit products could be hard to differentiate from our genuine versions at first glance.  However, it is easy to identify a Hanson Prosystems product by the HPS logo, legal FCC certifications, Warranty, Serial Number and QC stickers and, of course, the quality of our products.

We at Hanson ProSystems are committed to continue to provide great products and service and invite you to exert some caution if you receive a special offer for a visually similar product not coming from us or one of our HPS Authorized Dealers.



REMEMBER: If it doesn’t say "Hanson ProSystems," it’s not a Hanson ProSystems product!

Best Regards,

Jhansen Reinoso
Hanson ProSystems

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