PHOENYX @ VIP Dinner – Miami Beach, FL

The new PHOENYX, once again, was used for dramatic effect in a VIP engagement held in Miami Beach, FL by Almighty Production Events. We asked a few questions:

Why use the PHOENYX?

It was the grand opening of our new facility and we needed something to make the night more memorable.

How and where did you decide to place the PHOENYX?

Right outside of our new facility, where our dinner was held and we decided to go with three PHOENYX units, which were placed on each end of the building and one right in the middle.

What was the reaction from the audience?

The soaring cold spark fountain effect of the PHOENYX caught the audience by surprise, making the addition of this very special effect to our grand opening, by far, worthwhile!

What other product was used at the event?

(18) Hanson ProSystems Original battery-powered, wireless wash lights.

Once again, the PHOENYX soars high and delivers!

Do you want to enhance your event and provide a memorable wow factor for your guests? Take a look at the PHOENYX in action here and call us today for more information.

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