GRU-V 24-1 Watt UV Battery Powered Wireless DMX LED Fixture

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Unique, fun, powerful and innovative are all words that can describe the latest addition to our versatile wireless product line! Its name alone sums up everything this fixture is about… a groovy UV light!

Hanson ProSystems is always thinking of ways to make events easier for the mobile entertainers and production companies, HPS invented a really powerful addition to the already successful wireless DMX LED line. The GRU-V is the world’s first all in one battery powered wireless DMX, true UV LED Fixture! More powerful than some of its wired counterparts, the GRU-V includes 24 x 1 W true UV LED’s in a sleek linear design allowing you to reach new heights in creating black light and glow events. Using the same ingenuity found in the Original, the GRU-V can integrate seamlessly into your existing HPS inventory really allowing your creativity to soar! The GRU-V is already a featured product for seasonal events such as Halloween and Christmas that need that scary or merry glow, making all the difference! Don’t forget, everything is customizable so the GRU-V can now be found in major nightclub and lounge installations across the world! 

Don’t be left out in the dark…let the GRU-V glow you the way!


  •  Battery Powered & Wireless DMX UV LED Fixture
  •  Also available in wired, non-battery mode for permanent installation
  •  Rechargeable battery with up to 6 hours of battery life (based on all 24 LED’s ON at full intensity)
  •  Remote shut off through wireless DMX 
  •  Event usage and total usage read out 
  •  Flicker free
  •  Full pixel mapping capabilities
  •  Digital battery power indicator 0-100%
  •  Wireless control: onboard wireless DMX-512 protocol
  •  HPS certified 2.4G receiver / transmitter for wireless DMX operation
  •  Wireless repeater: Increases the range of the wireless DMX signal through the DMX output of any fixture
  •  Retractable 2.4G antenna
  •  Optional Wireless Solutions W-DMX
  •  Auto jumping channel frequencies; automatically avoids interference from other wireless networks
  •  7 Selectable ID codes for multiple transmitter and receiver use, with multi color LED indicator
  •  Wired DMX-512 protocol
  •  DMX connection: 3 pin DMX input and output connectors (Optional: 5 pin DMX)
  •  Light source: 24 X 1 W UV LEDs
  •  LED lens: 60º lenses (Optional: 15º, 25º, and 30 º lenses)
  •  Dimmer: Electronic dimming 0-100%
  •  LED display for address and function setting
  •  Operation menu with function buttons for DMX control mode, address assignment and fixture configuration
  •  Control DMX 5 channels
  •  Strobe 1-255 / Color strobe 1-255
  •  Master / Slave synchronization via wireless and wired
  •  Operation modes: DMX, Sound Active and Auto
  •  Built in microphone with sensitivity knob for sound active mode
  •  Built in LED chases (Adjustable Speeds)
  •  Available in black or white housing (Optional: custom colors available)
  •  Dual bracket for floor stand and/or hanging mount
  •  Optical aiming: manual tilt
  •  Dual eye bolts for safety cables
  •  PowerCon input and output connectors
  •  Includes: (1) 110v Edison plug to PowerCon and (1) PowerCon jumper cable
  •  Ability to use fixture and charge simultaneously
  •  Main power: auto ranging 100-240v 50/60HZ , via PowerCon in/out
  •  Built in 2 amp/250V AC fuse and 5 amp/250V battery fuse
  •  Battery type: 12v lithium ion battery
  •  User replaceable battery
  •  Maximum run time (at full power): up to 6hrs
  •  Battery charge time: 6hrs in HPS custom charging road case
  •  Battery durability: over 500 charge cycles
  •  Length 17 in (431.8 mm)
  •  Width 3 in (76.2 mm)
  •  Height 11 in (279.4 mm)
  •  LIGHTWEIGHT for easy transport 12 LBS (5.44 kg)
  •  COMPACT for low visibility
  •  VERSATILE LED wireless lighting fixture
  •  Patented 
  •  Designed & engineered in the USA

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