HPS-DMX-WTR RENTAL Wireless DMX Transceiver


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Wireless DMX transceiver, FCC approved and has a communication distance of 1,300ft (396.2 m) line of sight. Bypass wiring for your lighting with the HPS-DMX-WTR between your controller and lighting or lighting to lighting.  Rent the best from Hanson ProSystems today! 

All rental prices are for a one day rental fee, Monday thru Friday. Rentals can be picked up starting at 10:00 am the day of your rental. All rentals are due the next day at 10:00 am. Rentals picked up on Fridays will be returned on Monday by 10:00am. For multiple day rentals and rentals that will need to be shipped, please contact us. 

All rentals are subject to a 10% insurance fee.

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