HPS-DMX-WTR Wireless DMX Transmitter & Receiver

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There are transmitters and there are receivers. There are even transceivers! But there is only one HPS-DMX-WTR transceiver!

As part of our innovative wireless line, the HPS-DMX-WTR is considered the backbone of our wireless systems communicating over 1300ft of FCC Certified wireless DMX information! What many fail to realize is just how incredible this little black unit truly is. With 16 different dedicated transceiver ID codes, this little unit can provide multiple wireless universes in a single space. Used mostly with our battery powered wireless DMX LED fixtures, the HPS-DMX-WTR is a forgotten asset to any production or better yet, permanent installation where cables are not welcome!
This unit is currently the integral DMX communication hub at many permanent installations across the world that demands the reliability of a certified wireless DMX protocol!

Why run cables when you can simply Go Wireless!

 HPS-DMX-WTR Features

  •  Versatile wireless DMX-512 transceiver
  •  HPS certified 2.4G receiver / transmitter for wireless DMX operation
  •  Communication distance 1,300ft line of sight (396.2 m)
  •  Manually adjust transceiver communication distance 0 – 1300 ft
  •  3 pin DMX input and output connectors (Optional: 5 pin DMX)
  •  2 x 8 bit LCD display
  •  Auto jumping channel frequencies; automatically avoids interference from other wireless networks
  •  16 transceiver ID codes for wireless transmitting and receiving
  •  Removable 2.4G antenna
  •  Working frequency ISM, 126 channels
  •  Max transmitting power rate:20dB
  •  Input voltage DC 9V-12V 300mA min
  •  Original HPS die cast metal housing
  •  Length 5.78 in (147 mm)
  •  Width 2.95 in (75 mm)
  •  Height 1.69 in (43 mm)
  •  Weight 0.79 lbs (0.35 kg)
  •  Designed & engineered in the USA

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