Quattro Case 12 Charging Road Case Stores Up To 13 Battery Powered Fixtures

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Stores up to 12 Hanson ProSystems Quattro fixtures with an additional slot that can be used to charge/store another light or cables. Plug in the case to the power outlet and it will charge them all simultaneously. The case has two built in fans that allow you to keep the lid closed while charging with no worry of it overheating. 5 hours later all your fixtures will be fully charged and ready for your next event.

QUATTRO CASE 12 Features 

  • Custom Charging Case
  • Charge fixtures with the lid closed
  • PowerCon input and output connectors
  • Four locking casters
  • Four Road Case Deep Recess Caster Cups
  • Length 62 in (1574.8 mm)
  • Width 26 in (660.40 mm)
  • Height 22 in (558.8 mm)
  • Weight 105 lbs (47.62 kg)

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Additional information

Weight 47.62719885 lbs
Dimensions 56 x 25 x 20 in


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