The PHOENIX at a holiday concert

The PHOENYX Cold Spark Fountain Special Effect can be used in many applications. But perhaps, one of the most useful settings is to add its level of excitement, on stage, at live concert presentations. It can get the crowds going and can provide another level of excitement during dramatic moments.

In this occasion, Almighty Production Events implemented the PHOENYX at a special holiday event in Miami, FL. Here is what they said:

What was the event?

Chanukah Mesiba at the Julius Littman Theatre in North Miami Beach, FL.

Why the PHOENYX?

Because it’s the holidays of lights as fire Hanukkah and a memorial is lit for 8 days.

What was the audience reaction?

Our guests were in awe!

What did you think about the effect and the audience reaction?


What other product where used at the event?

Intelligent lights.

Once again, the PHOENYX delivered!

Do you want to enhance your event and provide a memorable wow factor to your audience? take a look at the PHOENYX here and call us today for any questions.

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